7 Must-Visit Tourist Destinations in Germany

Top German Tourist Destinations

If you are planning to visit the country of Germany, then you will be surprised to know how many amazing tourist spots Germany has to offer. German people are very friendly and open to tourists sharing experience and knowledge gratefully.

The famous Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavaria (German state) – Germany, is known all over the world to be so most beer consuming festival on the planet. But this is just one of many annual events which are celebrated in various German cities seasonally.

Visit German Cities and Tourist Attractions

Here is the list of top tourist spots in Germany from the north to the southern part of Germany starting with the German capital of Berlin:

1. Berlin

Berlin also famous as the capital of Germany is a very interesting place to visit. You can watch and admire many historic sites in Berlin such as remnants of the Great Berlin Wall.

You can also go to check point Charlie, the parliament building called as Reichstaggebaude. If you are a nature lover then you can visit the famous Potsdam gardens that are known for its lush and beautiful gardens.

As per estimates there are over 170 different small and large museums in Germany that you can visit and remember the great history of Germany.

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2. Hamburg

Hamburg is one the best places to visit while you are in Germany. It is famous for its port which is considered as the largest port city of Germany.

There are many world famous luxury stores in Hamburg from where you can do loads of shopping. It also has a beautiful and magnificent town hall and there are many famous artists that live in this part of the county.

3. Cologne

If you wish to visit the Church while you are in Germany then Cologne is the right place for you because it has a giant old church called as Cologne Cathedral.

There are places in Cologne that has Remnants as old as 2000 years and also has famous and ancient stone gates. The city also has many museums such as cultural museum and chocolate museum.

4. Dresden

The city of Dresden has old buildings that are very well groomed and you can comfortably walk down the streets of Dresden and enjoy the culture and traditions.

Near the city of Dresden there is a very interesting place to visit called as Leipzig?

5. Munich

Your journey to Germany is incomplete without visiting the city of Munich. This city is famous for its football club and the world famous Oktoberfest that sees about whooping 5 million visitors each year.

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Oktoberfest is always held during September to mid-October and is a must visit for people who love to enjoy the festive spirit.

6. Neuschwanstein Palace

Neuschwanstein palace is famous for its castle city and it is situated near the city of Fussen on Alps Mountain.

Surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes this is an ideal and perfect for people who want to feel closer to Mother Nature. The famous Disneyland Paris structure took inspiration from this famous castle.

7. Bodensee

Bodensee is famous for the largest lake in Germany and this lake is called as Lake Constance. This famous lake is adjacent to Austria and Switzerland and the smallest country in the world called as Liechtenstein is also near to this place.

Hence you can see that there are many beautiful tourists’ spots to visit in Germany and if you are planning to go on a vacation then giving Germany a chance can be a good and excellent option.