Clubbing in Hikkaduwa – The Real Deal

Clubbing in Hikkaduwa - The Real Deal

Hikkaduwa is Sri Lanka’s little party town. Packed with an array of Fancy resorts and vibrant set of beaches, this is one city that will keep you grooving in beach parties all year long.

The South of Sri Lanka is famed as being a popular party destination. The sun, the sea and the awesome tropical climate never fail to get you in the mood every time you visit here. Of all the little towns that make up the southern coast of Sri Lanka, perhaps the most well known destinations among tourists and locals alike is Hikkaduwa. Hikkaduwa is one little town that promises to pack you with some unmatched entertainment and will leave you feeling ecstatic with fun.

Hikkaduwa has some of the most spectacular beaches. Golden sands, sparkling waters and fantastic water temperatures and visibility that make you want to simply jump into the sparkling blue ocean. It is a place packed with surprises and has corals, hatcheries and plenty of historic locations in close proximity promising you a wholesome touch of everything Sri Lanka is known for. But what really puts Hikkaduwa on the map is its beach parties.

Every year Hikkaduwa hosts the Hikka Fest; an annual gala event and several other parties that have given the city a very vibrant reputation around the island. Perhaps that is what started the clubbing craze; of late Hikkaduwas is that little town you want to delve into after a busy week working in Colombo or a busy year working anywhere in the world.

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Plenty of star class resorts have set up in Hikkaduwa that gives you some interesting clubs and discos. These cater to some of the most in vogue music and tastes and will keep you grooving all night long. A number of clubs and bars are also available throughout the town but for the real deal visit the clubs found in the many hotels in Hikkaduwa.

Hikkaduwa is known around Lanka as the hotel hub. But a truly star class hotel in this little town is Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa. This truly modern yet cozy Hikkaduwa hotel is the real treat you deserve when visiting Sri Lanka’s south. Packed with an array of facilities and unmatched cuisines this place can easily be pronounced as one of the finest beach hotels in Sri Lanka.