Exploring Greece: Highlights of Major Greek Festivals

Travel Greece – Main Greek Festivals

Greece is one of those beautiful countries in the entire world that is always known for its rich heritage, traditions and party travel destinations. As a result there are many festivals that are celebrated in this beautiful country.

Main Festivals of Greece

Another main reason why so many festivals that are celebrated in Greece are that they follow a orthodox calendar and have a strong religious base. In fact every year there are so many people who visit this country only to see the festivals.

Here are some of the most celebrated festivals of Greece.

The New Year’s Day

Though this occasion is celebrated across this world every year with loads of fun and energy but in Greece New Year celebrations are always performed in a special and unique manner. People in Greece celebrate New Year as the feast of Santa Claus and sweet bread is cut by families to mark this very special occasion. Prayers are held across many churches and people thank god for blessings and happiness.

Annunciation Feast

Annunciation feast also called as the feast of Annunciation by many people and is celebrated on 25th of March every year. People of Greece celebrate this day because on this special and auspicious day Angel Gabriel made a very special announcement and that was of incarnation of Lord Christ to Mary.  There is one more reason why this day is so special for Greek people and that is because Greeks declared the great revolutionary war against the Turks. As a mark of respect to the soldiers a military parade takes place across the different town in Greece.

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National Anniversary

This important day is celebrated on the 28th October every year and many different military parades take place during this time of the year. This day is also called as Ohi day by Greek people. This day is celebrated because on this very day Greeks refused to surrender to the Italians during the World War II.

The Holy Spirit Day

The day of the Holy Spirit festival is celebrated during the month of May or June and a great feast is organized that is celebrated after 50 days of Easter celebrations.  This day is celebrated because on this day the Holy Spirit that was presented to Apostles requested then to teach Christianity to the rest of the world. On this day a holiday is declared for all of the students.

The Feast of Saint George

The Feast of Saint George is celebrated to remember the great king who killed the dragon. Saint George is also called as Agios George and this festival is celebrated for 3 days by the people of Arachova a town in Greece.

Apart from the festivals discussed above there are many more festivals that are celebrated across Greece such as Christmas and you must visit this country and enjoy the festivals that are being celebrated here.

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