Getting through the Airport

Getting through the Airport

Everyone knows that going to the airport is not an experience that is that people look forward to because, after all, it involves stress, crowds and waiting.  There are so things that can make the airport experience much smoother and easier, and although it may seem difficult because of all the intense security requirements, there are ways to make the experience much easier.

There was a time when people would get dress up to go to the airport.  People would wear suits, and skirts, and fancy clothes; however, times are changing and simplicity is what is needed to get through security.  Wearing practical shoes like slip-on shoes or another pair that are easy to remove quickly can help you move through security lines much faster.  You must remember to make sure that your shoes are comfortable otherwise, your feet may hurt by the time you board your plane.

Always avoid metallic clothing or accessories because you will have to remove these before going through the metal detector.  In addition, it is a good idea to have your pockets free of any metal items because that will also hold you hope during the security process.

Anything that is liquid or gel must be securely sealed and all bottles that are three ounces or less must be packed in a clear zip lock bag.

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Pack all your belongings in an organized fashion so in the event that security or the luggage carriers need to open your bag, they can easily maneuver through the suitcase and move on free from struggle.  And make sure you check with the airline so you know exactly what the luggage rules are, and how many carry-on bags you can bring on board.

Always make sure you have your photo identification available and ready.  Your identification should be easily accessible so you are not holding up lines and creating stress.  After your boarding pass and identification has been reviewed, put them away so you do not misplace them.  While you are waiting in line, make sure to read all of the instructions so you are not caught off guard.

Always get to the airport early so you avoid rush, stress and panic and move through the security and onto your gate smoothly.  Make sure you get a good night sleep prior to your trip so you are not fatigued, and on edge.

Airports are crowded and busy places but doing what you can to minimize the stressors will make your airport visit much more pleasurable.