On The Road: How To Plan A Road Trip

On The Road How To Plan A Road Trip

On The Road How To Plan A Road Trip

Since the advent of commercial planes, the world has become such a small place and people no longer appreciate the distance between two points on the map. A flight from Dublin to Paris takes about two hours, a flight from London to New York takes about seven and you can fly from London to China in about thirteen. People are intent on making the journey to their destination as short as possible. However, time was that the journey was more important than the destination. Indeed, many people just took to the road in a car and went wherever the wind led them.

If you want to travel for the love of the journey and the discoveries made along the way, a road trip is a great way of seeing a country, but there are a few things you should plan before taking to the open road with your friends.

Who and Why?

You will be with your car buddies pretty much 24/7, so choose well. Sometimes, friends might be wonderful in small doses, but when you’re in constant contact with someone for days at a time, your patience can easily wear thin with them. Plus, when choosing people for your trip, you should ask everyone what they want from the road trip as people will have different expectations and it’s best to be clear about what everyone wants from the beginning to avoid conflict down the line.

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Money, Money, Money

Fuel prices are phenomenally high these days, so you should make sure everyone is clear on how the cost of the journey will be split. Not everyone has to drive, but everyone should contribute to fuel costs and any car repairs necessary on the trip. Accommodation and food will also cost money, so make sure people factor these into their budget before you ever leave the driveway as relationships will quickly break down if one person ends up shouldering most of the financial burden.

The Inevitable Itinerary

Travelling without any plan, however loose, is difficult. When night falls and you find yourself in the middle of nowhere without a hotel or motel in sight, levels of annoyance may rise as not everyone will be happy to sleep in the car night after night. It’s advisable to have a loose idea of where you’re going and where you’ll sleep each night. Plus, you can make sure everyone gets to see what they want to see if you agree on a loose itinerary beforehand.

A road trip can be a lot of fun and it’s refreshingly different to resort or beach holidays, which can be bleak for those who don’t like sizzling in the sun for hours on end. Anyone can go on a road trip as long as they take a bit of time to plan it well to avoid disappointment or conflict when on the road.

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