International Airports in London City

International Airports in London City

London is one of the busiest cities in the world and is home to millions of tourists every year. The latest statistical surveys show that an average of more than 30 million tourists from all regions and parts of the world visit London every year. Much of London’s economy relies on the travel and House Decor industries.

There are world class restaurants, hotels, guest houses, bread and breakfast, inns and many places for the tourists to stay out and spend the most unforgettable moments of their lives. The opportunities for entertainment and leisure are endless once you get to the city of London. Being the capital city of UK and the metropolitan state as well, London enjoys a great status and is the most prominent city of the country.

The status of London is not great only in UK but also across the world especially in the continent of Europe. The city has great transport facilities while include taxis, private car hire, trains, underground tube, buses, coaches and chauffeured limousines.

You can spend the time to choose from your favorite vehicles during your trip to the great city. There are superior quality vehicles to choose from. You can find sports cars, luxury limousines, executive vans, party buses and just about anything to make your trip the most memorable event for lifetime. You can also look for car hire online services that let you book your transport while you are at your desktop.

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The city of London being a home to millions of people each year needs to be served by a large number of airports as well in order to handle the flow of international inbound and outbound air traffic. Therefore the city is served by six international airports which include Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, London City and Luton airports.

The six international airports serving the city of London are all equipped with the greatest facilities and amenities and most of them are among the world’s most popular airports. The London Heathrow airport is not only the UK’s busiest but also the Europe’s busiest airport serving more than sixty nine million passengers annually. The airport has five terminals and each has great facilities for all kinds of requirements.

The airport second to Heathrow is Gatwick which has two terminal buildings. The London Gatwick airport has the honor of being the airport with world’s busiest single use runway. The Gatwick runway averages above fifty two aircraft movements within an hour which is unbelievably high traffic rate.

The people arriving at any airport in London can book their airport taxis for transfer prior to their arrival. The taxi phone numbers are available easily on the internet and they can place a call for priority reservation however the travelers who are more inclined towards internet and computers can make use of the web based taxi booking system.

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The best thing about cab numbers is that you can contact the desired transport company immediately and get the booking done for your airport transfer within minutes. The call-based cab booking procedure is best for the international travelers however many local residents also use this method to book their cabs for local and airport transfer services.