Istanbul – A Land of Historical Places!

Istanbul – A Land of Historical Places!

Istanbul is one of the popular cities among the tourists from different parts of the world. One of the main reasons behind this is the home of a large number of historical remains. Here, you can find the historical places and items of 660 BC. There are many flights coming direct to Istanbul, which makes it more suitable for the majority of people. Additionally, you can easily find thousands of travel agencies as well as hotels to welcome the visitors. In this article, we will show the most beautiful places and locations in Istanbul, Turkey.

Byzantine Hippodrome Istanbul

Byzantine Hippodrome was considered as the heart of Istanbul. However, it is now elongated garden along with a road which follows with a chariot racing track. In addition to this there are also a lot of remains of the hippodrome.


Ayasofya is a historical and most popular tourist among the tourists from different parts of the world. It is also sometimes termed as the eighth wonder of the world. This place was once a church however later it was turned into a museum.

Yerebatan Sarnici

It was built by the king Justinian at the same time as that of Haghia Sophi. This place was forgotten by the people until it was rediscovered by a Frenchman when he found that the people were able to fill their buckets with water just by lowering them into the holes.

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Suleymaniye Camii

It is one of the best examples of the architecture of the Ottoman Empire. This place was built by the Sultan Suleiman and is very popular among the tourists and people of Istanbul for its architecture.

Suleymaniye Hamam

Suleymaniye Hamam is considered as one of the Turkish Batha which is the part of amazing Süleymaniye Mosque. This hamam is in operation since the year of 1550 and is considered as one of the oldest hamams in the Istanbul.

St. Savior in Chora/Kariye Müzesi

The dazzling frescoes and mosaics is of the oldest churches of Chora is considered as the fine example of sensitive architecture in the world. The architecture of the place shows the architecture of that time.

The Land Walls/Edirnekapi

These walls are covered in the area of approximately six kilometers from the Marmara Sea to Golden horn. These walls kept the people of constantanipole people safe from the foreign invasion.

Eyüp Istanbul

The sultan mosque of Eyup is situated near green horn outside Constantanipole. This mosque is considered as the first mosque which was built by the Turks after their invasion to constantaninople. According to their beliefs, at this place Abu Ayyub al ansari was also buried in this mosque during Arab assault in approximately 670.

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Bosporus cruise   

Every visitor of Istanbul want to and should take the Bosporus cruise trip up to the 32 km which is approximately long strait and it joins Marmara sea to south with Black Sea towards north of the Istanbul. Here you will see the Bosporus cruise.

These are all wonderful places worth visiting when you want to travel to modern Turkey. Which are your favorite travel spots to visit in Turkey? Let us know by sharing your travel experience by leaving a comment.