Off The Beaten Track Locations in Lake Garda

Off The Beaten Track Locations in Lake Garda

A timeless and beautiful destination, Lake Garda has a certain magnetism that other holiday destinations simply cannot rival. Set against a backdrop of incredible natural beauty and surrounded by some of the country’s top wine-producing areas, the largest of the Italian lakes attracts holidaymakers in their thousands, year after year, and it’s not difficult to see why.

The campsites in Lake Garda are perfectly positioned to allow you full viewing pleasure of the vast, shimmering, turquoise lake, the towering mountain range and the colourful flora and exotic citrus groves, which may well mean you stay put all week.

With all sorts of activities available to suit every member of the party, it’s very easy to spend a whole week in this picturesque location – whether you spend it soaking up the sunshine, enjoying a spot of sailing or simply admiring the natural beauty of the area. For those looking for the hidden side of Lake Garda, here are some of the best locations that lie just off the beaten track.

Head north

You don’t have to leave the Lake to discover some of the area’s more tranquil spots, away from the hum of tourists. The northern part of the lake is rugged, undeveloped and surrounded by mountains – a delight for those looking to enjoy peace and quiet. The north can be quite tricky to access though, so the two hour ferry trip from Sirmione is probably your best option for exploration.

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Adventurous travellers heading an hour out of Lake Garda will stumble across the clandestine town of Mantua. Framed by three striking cobalt lakes – Lago Superiore, Lago di Mezzo and Lago Inferiore – the town boasts a wealth of architectural treasures.

The ancient palazzo was once home to the powerful Gonzada family and their impressive art collection still remains, making it a real treat for art connoisseurs. Mantua has also been ingrained in history as the location chosen by Shakespeare for Romeo’s exile when the famous literary character was banished from his home town of Verona.

Lake Iseo

Far away from the tourist hustle and bustle is Lake Iseo. Brimming with natural beauty and undiscovered treasures, this is one secret that the Italians are proud to keep. Lake Iseo is the fourth largest lake in Lombardy and a spectacular hideaway that is home to meandering walkways and charming villages – ideal for those who enjoy exploring the lesser-known areas.