Reasons Why Loch Ness is an Ideal Family Destination

Reasons Why Loch Ness is an Ideal Family Destination

Loch Ness has always proved a popular destination amongst tourists and will continue to be so with good reason. Its appeal is as old as the loch itself, and its enchanting qualities are as equally deep. Famed throughout the world for Nessie the fabled monster, Loch Ness has captivated many with its  secrets and mythical tales. But the area has so much more to offer than the promise of intrigue and a little mystery. It’s a great place for families to visit, with plenty of fun and exciting things to keep  kids amused and the grownups feeling as though they’re really on holiday.

Loch Ness – So much to see and do

Sometimes refereed to as the Scottish “Lake District” for its diverse landscape, Loch Ness is rich with natural beauty and history, and remains to this day a world-class tourism destination, with so much to see and do for the whole family. From the majestic fresh water lakes to the sweeping heather moors, by way of a rugged and wild shoreline, there is plenty to take in and explore across the miles and miles of unspoilt land.

More than just a walk in the park

Home to some of the finest viewpoints and beauty spots, Loch Ness provides more than just inspiration to those who value true wilderness. For a family, it offers a great wealth of outdoor activities and experiences, including bird watching, deer spotting, nature trails and an opportunity to cruise the waters of the infamous loch itself. From here you may choose to take a walk on the wilder side of things, such as climbing, canoeing and horse riding.There will always be something for everyone, no matter how relaxed or exciting you want it to be.

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Then of course there’s a chance to learn all about Nessie. The Loch Ness Centre & Exhibition shines a probing light into the monster sightings, presented with mystery and intrigue that will have kids taught with excitement. Delve into the murky depths of years of research, thrilling footage and take a closer look at the theories and the folklore. And if that gets your appetite going, there are still plenty of museums, castles and ancient ruins scattered throughout the Inverness region to explore and discover. Cheap Travel Cars visit

Family friendly hotels & accommodation

As refreshing a holiday away from the city can be, it’s also reassuring to know that when it comes to accommodation, your family will receive all the warmly welcoming comforts of home. That’s why Loch Ness has a variety of self catering cottages, chalets, breakfast homes and family friendly hotels to ensure everybody enjoys their visit. So if you’re travelling with children, you can be sure that your Loch Ness break will be well-catered for whatever your budget.

Scattered throughout Loch Ness are throngs of lively communities filled with friendly bars, quiet cafes and restaurants that are perfect for family dining. As well as local artist studios, craft workshops and galleries that all make for an illuminating insight into the area’s rich cultural heritage.

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