Great London Tours For Kids!

Great London Tours For Kids!

Great London Tours For Kids!

When you travel abroad as a family, you’d want to make sure that your kids are well looked after as well as safe and entertained, and this can be a difficult combination to achieve. However, in London, that is a lot easier to achieve than in other major cities across the world. London is a very safety-conscious city and, as a city that relies heavily on tourism, it goes the extra mile to ensure that you are (and feel) safe when taking sightseeing tours around the city.

The Original Tour Company

One of the most popular companies that operate London Tours is the Original Tour Company. They have the big red open top buses that you will see driving round London all the time. You only have to watch one news report in London and chances are in the background will be one of their sightseeing tour buses. The Original Tour Company takes the car of children as paramount and it will not allow children to travel un-accompanied. It also has special children’s packs given to all children on its tour buses.

Safety in London

It is important when you travel around London with your kids that you do always keep them close to you and not let them out of your sight. If they need to use the bathroom while on a tour, follow them into the toilet and wait for them outside the cubicle. Unfortunately, public bathrooms in London are not the safest for adults and particularly children and you would be best being overly cautious in the care of your child. When you use the underground in London you will also be advised to ensure you and your children can all get on the train – it does happen where Mum jumps on the train only to see the doors close with her children left on the platform. This is something you do not want to happen to you as it is extremely difficult to then get back to your children. So if you are unsure if you will all get on, don’t get on!

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Free places for Kids to see

There are some great venues in London where kids can get in for free, and when you are on a holiday to London you will be grateful of anything that is free as London is generally an expensive city to stay in. The Science Museum in London is free to kids along with the Natural History Museum – both of which they will not want to miss. Also, before you travel jump online to find out which restaurants in London are offering “Children Eat For Free” offers as this can really help your budget while staying in London!