Marieta Islands – Hidden Beach

Marieta Islands - Hidden Beach

Marieta Islands archipelago is located near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Hidden magical place of Marieta Islands is one incredible unique beach. It is believed that the island was created centuries ago due to volcanic activity in the area. By this sand magical place you have to go through the long tunnel about 25 meters, which is connected to the Pacific.

Visitors can swim up to this hidden tropical paradise, and considering the fact that a large gap between rock and water, there is no need to wear scuba gear, or even to hold your breath. If it`s not noise of waves hitting the soft sand beaches, people probably would not have noticed this hidden wonder of nature. Magical lovely beach on Marieta Islands is for sure one of the most exotic destinations on our planet that you want to visit.

Marieta Islands is a unique lifetime experience

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the Mexican government used the then deserted island to implement the military testing. After years of research and efforts to protect the island, the biggest protector of nature Jacques Cousteau and scientists, they persuade the government of Mexico to put island as a national park and a ban on hunting, fishing and any harmful activity.

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To this day, the islands are uninhabited and only some carrier’s boats bringing tourists to get up close admire the natural beauty of this area. Although large explosion and the bombing of years harmed the fauna and flora of this romantic tropical paradise, some say that it is precisely this military testing “responsible” and create this beach love that is known as the one of the hidden beaches of Mexico.

Beach of Love is so incredible that, when the first pictures emerged on the Internet, many could not believe that such a place exists on the planet. Shortly this magical place has become a real treat for lovers of exotic destinations and adventurers and now nobody doubts about existence of this natural wonder. Marieta Islands are remained uninhabited so tourists can admire the natural beauty of this part of Mexico.