Maximizing Your Riga Tour Experience

Make the Most Out of Your Riga Tours

Located on the banks of river Daugava, Riga is the capital city of Latvia and European culture capital. Riga is easily the largest and one of the most important cities in the Baltic region.

In addition to being one of the best modern day tourist destinations in the region, Riga is also well known for its culture and history.

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The fact that UNESCO has conferred the city a ‘World Heritage Site’ reiterates how important the city is and how old its architecture is.

In fact, Riga is especially known for Art Nouveau architecture that in itself is class apart.

If you are lucky enough to embark on tours in Riga, make sure that you explore some of its interesting places that depict a lot about its architecture and other things.

Baltic travel tours to Riga in Latvia

Riga being a large city and the fact that it is a major tourist destination has ensured it is well dotted with numerous hotels and accommodation centers.

Not surprisingly, these places have mushroomed a lot recently. Therefore, if you are new to the city you need not worry. You will always find a suitable place for your stay and to eat.

Most Riga tours these days ensure that their tourists are put up at good hotels and that they are able to see most of the interesting places in and around the city.

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Just make sure that the company you are traveling around with is experienced and is reputed one.

Over the years the hotels in Riga have played an important role in supporting the tourism industry in the region.

It is due to the contribution made by Riga hotels that tourist flow to this gorgeous city has been sustainable.

Most of the hotels you will see in and around Riga offer excellent hospitality services and extend their warmth towards tourists.

It is therefore little surprising to see many tourists having words of praise towards these accommodation centers and vow to come back again in the future.

Many people’s hearts have been won by these hotels and for right reasons.

Here are some of the prominent places of interest you may wish to explore whilst you are on Riga sightseeing trip:


If you are looking for a quiet and beautiful place in Riga, make sure you check out Mezaparks that is situated at the outskirts.

This beautiful park also has a zoo wherein you can check out different species of animals and other attractions of the place.

Incidentally, Mezaparks also has several colossal houses that once served as residences for rich people during pre-war era.

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The Occupation Museum

This historic museum is entirely dedicated to Soviet heroes and those who succeeded in shaping up Latvia’s history.

This is a place to visit during your Riga tours if you are fond of history and like to remember people who made a difference to the country.

The other notable museums you will come across in the city are – Latvian Museum of Nature, Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation, and Museum of Decorative Applied Arts, etc.

The Freedom Monument

This historic monument was built in 1935 in dedication to people who were forced to flee to Siberia during Soviet Union’s time. Today, this monument stands as a symbol for Latvian people’s freedom.

St. Peters Church

Besides being an important place of worship in Riga, St. Peters Church is also notable for its lofty rooftop. From this height you are able to savor the scenic view of Riga.

Excursions in Riga are incomplete without witnessing its colorful festivals and mega events. In fact, the city is high on various cultural activities, theater, drama, art and music.

Perhaps these are what makes Riga such a lively city that it is! If you are in this part of the Baltic region for one reason or the other, make sure you are there when the city plays host to National Song and Folk dance festival as it is very popular and is organized only once in every four years!

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