Top 6 Must-See Attractions in Holland

Top 8 Must-See Attractions in Holland

The Holland is another name given to Netherlands and has a lot to offer for tourists. It is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Holland is known for its natural beauty and pristine environment.

The food here is great especially the cheeses and the country is rich in culture. Here is the list of top 8 must see attractions in Holland.

1. Amsterdam

If you go to Holland then you must visit Amsterdam. While in Amsterdam you can do so many good things such as take a canal boat ride. There are many museums in Amsterdam.

You can also visit the beautiful Anne Frank house. There is world famous Madam Tussauds and if you get tired after visiting so many places you can sit back and relax and can have a cup of coffee at amazing coffee shops. Amsterdam’s night life is a worth visit.

2. Madurodam

If you are busy with work or meeting and don’t have too much time to visit and still you want to explore and want to know about the culture of Holland then Madurodam is an ideal place to be.

3. De Zaanse Schans

This is the best place to check out the historic Netherland as there are loads of windmills and tradesmen’s workshops, old bridges and beautiful little shops. There are many exhibitions and events that take place for the entire year.

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4. De Keukenhof

Holland is also known for beautiful flowers and exports these beautiful flowers in large quantities. Every year there is a flower show that takes place at Dekeukenhof.

One important point to keep in mind is that it is only open in Spring Season. Though there is one autumn weekend opening and that takes place in the month of October. It is also known for its rare bulb flowers.

3. Edam

If you like cheese and want to know about its history then Edam is the place to be. There are many Edam cheese markets and warehouses and you can taste one of the finest cheeses in the world at this place.

4. Efteling

It is a beautiful fairy tale theme park and it is one of the oldest and largest theme parks in Holland.

If you are planning to visit Holland with your kids then this is the ideal spot as there are many fun rides and breathtaking rollercoaster rides that are available.

5. Scheveningen

It is one of the most popular Seaside popular holiday and tourist resort. It is very near to the Centre of The Hague and it takes only 15 minutes to reach at this resort.

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There are many restaurants and shops and the beach front looks amazing and beautiful.

6. Zoos

Holland is also known for many Zoos. There are many Animal Conservation parks that are operational in this part of world and have different species of animals.

Popular Zoos in Holland are Artis in Amsterdam, Reptile Park in Vlissingen and many more other zoos.

Hence we can see that there are many amazing and beautiful places to visit in Holland and if you really want to enjoy your vacations to full extent then you must visit Holland once in your lifetime with your friends and family.