The Oriental Pearl TV Tower The Sparkling Pearls in The China Sky

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower The Sparkling Pearls in The China Sky

With the Huangpu riverbanks on one side and the green grassland gracing its feet, the tower has the surroundings to its advantage and appears to smugly enjoy its title as an AAAA tourist area by the China National Tourism Administration. The most pictographic aspect of the tower is the tower’s appearance taken together with its Yangpu Bridge and the Nanpu Bridge that appears like two dragons playing with pearls. This view is indeed a rare treat for the lovers of photography and even for the ordinary traveller.

With a height of 468 metres, the tower has three supporting pillars and eleven spheres that give the tower its symbolic status of pearls. While the tower operates on the capacity of a communication tower, it also serves as an observatory venue with a ravishing view of the city afforded from above. There are double decker elevators that shoots up at a rate of 7 metres per second and during its journey upwards, introduces the tower to the visitors that is narrated by a guide. The top most sphere constructed on the tower holds many boutiques as well as a throng of restaurants including a rotating one as well as a sightseeing floor.

Another large sphere lower contains a sightseeing floor which on a fair day gives a view that stretches all the way to the Yangtze river and a futuristic space city. At the base of the tower is a scientific fantasy city while the five small spheres of the tower belongs to a hotel with 25 elegant rooms that each enjoy a spectacular view. For those who delight in delving into the past, there’s always the Shanghai Municipal History Museum located at the basement while there are several ticket options to view the tower as well as the museum. With a combination of architecture from the past of China and modern commercial venues incorporated, the tower offers a memorable visit, especially from the very top at its space capsule and even from its Piano Bar and Disco Hall.

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