Places To Enjoy In Konya – Heritages Of The Mosques

Places To Enjoy In Konya – Heritages Of The Mosques

Tourists are welcome to the unique city of Konya with its large destination and open arms. Tradition and history of the city is well connected with likeness of people. It is also very fascinating to enjoy the Turkish life of the city. You can get stop over drives between two regions trough the busses and other vehicle in an affordable rate.

Tourists Spots To Be Enjoyed In Konya

Tourists visiting this place will be very fascinating to get a combination of manmade structure and the natural asset. The splendid archeological spots such as Selimiye Mosque, Aziziye Mosque, Melvana Medrase, Karatay Medrase etc can be easily viewed by individuals visiting Turkey.

Sille Aya

Helena is the sole person to build the Elena Church. She is the mother of one of the famous ruler known by the entire world. This church is decorated with wonderful equipments which has a great artistic value around the world. This is one of the important remains of the glorious historical period.

Kubad- Abad palace

Palaces made by the previous rulers in Turkey are really very fascinating. One among the palace is known as Kubad – Abad palace. This lies at the south western part of Beysehir Lake. This is one of the oldest palaces constructed between 1226 and 1236. Turkish people are very proud about the oldest Turkish palace in Konya. You can now find many more such palaces. Some of the exciting palaces include Obrukhan Han, Horozlu Han, and Haradin Han etc. Konya also includes its own share museum where the tourists can easily find their own share preserved in bygone era.

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Alaaddin Keykubat Mosque

Almost every one aware of the name “Alaaddin.” He is the favorite hero of millions of people around the world irrespective of gender and age. This is a mosque available in Konya with the same name. Previously it was a church. But, later it has been converted from the church to mosque with the layout and design similar to that of Ottoman period. It had the restoration with the memories of eight sultans who were buried under this mosque.

Food and drinks in Konya

Along with the beautiful spots, it is also equally important to have some food and drink. Tourists can now enjoy the pleasure of eating and drinking. You can now find many restaurants that can easily serve tasty food and juices. Since Konya is a place where spiritual Muslim people reside, Alcohol is prohibited in maximum number of places. But, you can now get alcoholic drinks in touristic restaurants and bars, five start hotels etc. Konya is known as seventh most populated cities in Turkey, people can easily get wonderful combination of cheap as well as tasty food items. Even the streets foods are so tasty that it can be consumed in one go. If you want to sit, relax and have the meals, traditional Turkish restaurants would be the excellent place. You can get wonderful variety of food in very affordable price range in this beautiful historical place.

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