Top 5 Destinations For a Summer Vacation in India

Summer Vacation India

You hear kids playing outside, birds chirping in the mornings, the sun is shining bright and you know summers has arrived, and this makes you want to pack your bags for that longing holiday, you were waiting all around the year. I know, some of you want to go some place that’s s not very hot so you can relax and have a good time, and some of you may want to take an extraordinary trip that you want to cherish for the longest time. Long story short, you would be glad if I share you some of the best places that make a perfect summer vacation in India.

Adventurous and Peaceful Vacation List

1. Ladakh

Summer is considered the best time to visit Ladakh. Don’t be afraid to Pengajuan Kartu Kredit Mandiri this is the beginning of your dream adventure that is always on your mind. The rural hills and waterfalls and their beautiful scenery will amaze you.

Yes, this is a distant destination and some careful planning must be made for a vacation here, but what is a vacation where you don’t put your soul in it? I can vouch for it any time and any time. It is also a popular destination among bikers, you get the most alluring paths to ride your bike and keep you on the edge of the adventure you dream of.

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When you go to Ladakh it’s an experience you have for life, I believe everyone will have a different story about the place so you shouldn’t miss such a place while you are in India. You have to go here at least once.

2. Ziro

The Hidden Jewel of NorthEast is in Arunachal Pradesh. I can bet that not many of them have heard about this place before, and you can thank me later for this, that you will see it for yourself. It’s known for its pine covered hills, valleys, lush paddy cum fish cultivation and is rich in biological diversity with flora and fauna. It’s cool breeze and the sound of the forest make Ziro worth the travel.

3. Meghalaya

As the name says it, its a heaven on earth where you meet the clouds literally. Meghalaya is a beautiful hill station which is snuggled in the northeastern Himalayas. This is the place, that you’ll be stoked to see where the clouds make their homes.

This hill station is perfect for those who love nature and wants to take a closer look, I am sure you won’t be disappointed by the pine fresh mountains and the amazing waterfalls and longest caves. This place offers you both serenity and adventure. You could just sit in one of the cottages or hotels sip a coffee overlooking the beautiful mountains or go on foot to cross those root bridges or climb over the hills.

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Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram are statically among the wettest places on Earth, and these rain forests create most of the best looking waterfalls.

4. Coonoor

Is literally a paradise in a cocoon. Thinking of some place away from all the hustle-bustle? Coonoor is the place my friend, yes you heard it right, it’s your serene destination that awaits you to leave you mesmerised with its beauty. You get to Coonoor and move yourself to the Uphill towards the northeast of the city and from that’s where you get to live the magic. Its scenic mountain views, beautiful tea plantations, the bed of red tile rooftops view over the hill is beyond any imagination.

Although the place is quite touristy, you will get great cottages and villas to live in and experience this enthralling beauty down southern planes.

5. Coorg

Lush green valleys, tall trees, and evergreen covered hills. Coorg is luscious green gifted with emerald landscapes and hectares of coffee plantation. Its lush green forest and simple living by the countryside will make you want to escape from the city hustle. It’s largely covered with coffee and spice plantation. The beautiful terrains and soothing climate is perfect and lets you be yourself, you can either choose to go on trekking, birdwatch or just lazy around in a cottage.

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If you take this trip, I am sure you’ll get back home absolutely feeling rejuvenated.