Top Travel Destinations In Switzerland

Top Travel Destinations In Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful country that exists in the continent of Europe on its western side. It is considered to be one of the closest destinations to nature. It is evergreen and all the buildings and monuments are positioned in a way so as to retain the true beauty of nature. To reveal the beauty of this heavenly place many people from across the world visits here. There are many beautiful destinations that do not parallel any other beautiful place in the world.

Below mentioned are some of the top destinations in the heavenly place of Switzerland.


Matterhorn is the symbolism for nature’s touch in Switzerland. It is closely attached to the heavenly place. The place is surrounded by greenery and snow peaked mountains which are quite difficult to climb but that does not restrict people from taking live snaps of the natural beauty.

Rhine Falls

Any waterfall is considered to be one of the spectacular creations of nature that gives immense pleasure to every other creature be it human or any other animals. Rhine falls is one of the splendid creations of nature in the heart of the country that brings tourists from round the world every year. It is considered to be the largest waterfall in the entire Europe and upon standing by the side of it one can feel the roar and moisture of the place. Amidst the waterfall there lie big rocks through which one can reach close to the waterfall.

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Creux Du Van

It is one of the most watched travel destinations in Switzerland. It is a vertical rock stratum in which the rocks are arranged in equal proportions. It has been said that the place was formed from glacier solidification into rocks. Further on the other side of the basin there lies dense forest which is considered home to innumerable specifies of both flora and fauna.

Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle is considered to be one of the popular places of visit in Switzerland. The reason behind its widespread popularity is its cultural touch that truly signifies the history of the contemporary period. It is considered to be one of the beautiful places of historical significance in Switzerland. It was built on a rock across the Lake Geneva. The castle contains 25 rooms and is protected on both sides by two circular walls.

Salt Mines

Salt is considered to be one of the commonly consumed items on a daily basis. It is taken directly or while added with food items. Salt Mines are popular all over the world. The mines are open for visitors to reveal the power and creativity of nature. It was opened in the year 1684 and till today it is mined for salt. People in Switzerland consider the ownership of such mines as symbol of power and wealth.

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