England Travel – Fun Around the London City

England Travel – Fun Around the London City

London is a place that has something for everyone. Others who have had the opportunity to tour this legendary city share their experiences on how to get the most out of your travel.

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Gordon’s Wine Bar

The Gordon’s Wine Bar is London’s oldest wine bar. This building used to be the home Samuel Pepys and housed a brothel of great renown. It has nicotine-stained walls, floors that have witnessed several epochs in world history, as well as romantic candles that tell of illicit escapades.

The staffs are very friendly and efficient, serving wines such schooners of sherry, Madeira, as well as home-made foods. This is really a must-tour place, especially for first-time visitors to London.

Hampstead Heath

If you are enjoying fun around the London city, you no doubt are going to like Chasing zombies on Hampstead Heath. These fire hazard games allow you to enjoy fun while in London in a very excellent way. The attempt to stash a cash-box up your jumper is going to accord you great fun and excitement.

The attendants who co-ordinate these games are very friendly and amiable people. And the games mostly end up in a pub!

Book Club Boutique

If you want to experience the craziest night while in London, then visit the Book Club Boutique. It has the most breath-taking collection of eccentric characters. You are going to find great bands playing and poets reciting their lines, swooning actors, tales of both love and life, among other intriguing eccentricities. The beautiful chapel of St. Barnabas on the Greek Street is another must-tour place that you should drop by for more fun.

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There are plenty of exotic drinks with hilariously appetizing names that are no doubt going to make your travel to London greatly memorable.

Hunterian Museum

The Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons keeps more than 3000 specimens amassed by world famous anatomists such as John Hunter.

You are going to find an awe-inspiring array of pickled body parts, the skeletons of the Irish giant measuring more than 7 feet, an amazing display of fetus that will make your heart skip a beat, as well as dentures of Winston Churchill.

National Portrait Gallery

While visiting the great city of London, you can try a drop-in drawing experience at the National Portrait Gallery. You are going to find gracious tutors when you travel there. They will be ready to take you through the drawing sessions. Even those that are not fan of drawing are going to find the session very interesting.

And who knows, the visit may make you take to painting and drawing till you become some Picasso of sorts! Nothing takes us back to our most natural instincts more than travel.

Bus and Taxi Tours

The open bus tours and taxi tours are also a great enjoyment while in London to see every bit of the wonderful town.

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To reach out a taxi in short time in London, Addison lee’s phone number will help you for a hassle-free travel.

London has so many tourist destinations that we hardly can count them all. Find more travel tips for the United Kingdom and London in our travel categories and let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.