The Ultimate Guide For Female Traveller!

Ultimate Guide Female Traveller

Have you decided? It’s amazing now that you have to know a few things and go crazy. I will list the most important and practical things for you so that you can make the best experience of your trip. Here are a few, which I think you need to know while traveling to Wisata Pantai Ora to ensure that you have one of the best experiences and aren’t haunted for years that you missed out on something.

20 Things Every Female Traveller should know

  1. FIRST- Love yourself; for having made the great choice of traveling alone.
  2. Plan your schedule ahead and pack modestly. (Plan your dresses accordingly)
  3. Stop overreacting for not having enough clothes.
  4. Learn the art of reusing clothes and traveling light always.
  5. Accessories are your best friend when traveling (Hat, Scarf, Sarong, Denim Jacket, and some jewelry to go with)
  6. Baggy fit clothes are perfect for any destination and travel. They are hassle free (Take 1 or 2 fitted dresses only)
  7. Comfortable walking shoes are great, Flip Flops are blissful too.
  8. Explore every corner of the city, travel as though it’s your last day of the trip.
  9. You are your own best security alarm.
  10. Break the Vacation, and just be yourself (Helps you to soak up the culture and place)
  11. Check on extra batteries for your cameras and portable chargers for your phones (Absolutely Important)
  12. If you can’t carry your own luggage, that an alarm you packed too much. (Passport and Purse should be kept separately and take them together only when you require the most)
  13. Trust your feet, by walking you explore the city in a great way (You might find your most cherished moments)
  14. You are braver than you think (Just by being aware of your surroundings is the best way to explore the city in a very better way)
  15. You are on a different land, always be prepared to expect something unexpected.
  16. People are generally helpful across the globe don’t shy away to ask.
  17. Self-confidence can take you places (Do not forget to smile through your problems, you are getting better when you travel)
  18. Learn how and when to haggle, it’s necessary sometimes.
  19. Travel makes you a changed and a confident person, embrace it.
  20. What would you do, let me know in the comments or write to me, I would love to know about your travel tips.
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These are just a few for you to have the most amazing experience when you travel. You think you could add more, please drop in the box or write to me.