Places to Visit in Turkey

Places to Visit in Turkey

Turkey is a wonderful tourist destination with exotic mix of culture and entertainment. The tourist gets mesmerizing experiences with its heritage and natural atmosphere. The places to visit in Turkey consist of beautiful landscape, churches, museum, historical sculpture, mosque etc. The wonders are formed with regards to various religion of the nation sharing their pilgrims and sacred places. The unity among the people of the nation also plays a great role in the explanation of various wonders.

Tourist Attractions In Turkey

The tourist spots stated by one of the world’s leading wonder authority consists of Cappadocia, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, Blue mosque, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Ruins of Troy, Dolmabahce Palace, Grand Bazaar etc.

Mosque and churches in Turkey

Hagia Sophia is a sacred place with different definitions with regards to religious phenomenon. It is a structure built by Emperor Justinian I and was named as church between the periods of 532 to 537 AD.  In the beginning of the period 1453, the church was occupied by Islamic faith. It is known as a mosque and is named as Istanbul. The Mosque serves the Muslim religion for almost 500 years. There was erection of four minarets that stands for Islam. Between the periods from 1934 till today the mosque is known as a museum.

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A fashionable landscape formed by the domination of flood and winds of the nation has become one of the tourist attractions of Turkey. In the ancient time there was an erosion of volcano in Cappadocia. The formation is really very attractive with conical towers. It is also known as fairy chimneys.

Topkapi Palace

The treasure of sultan and another among the wonders of Turkey is known as Topkapi Palace. Ephesus is known as one of the biggest cities but is now preserved as wonder of Turkey. Another important wonder of Turkey is called Dolmabahce Palace. It is lavishly decorated building with gold and silver by the sultan.


Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Turkey that was once known as the capital of Byzantine Empires and Ottoman. This city stretches with narrow straits and connects Europe and Asia. The city is also include wonderful shopping arcades, impressive architecture, nightlife, historic places, exotic atmosphere and places for fine dining. This is one of the beautiful cities in Turkey which can be remembered for long after you return to your native land.


This is a city in Turkey that is established from the time of Roman Empire. This includes the temple of Artemis that is well preserved by Romans and now taken care by the archeological department. Other attractions of the city also include the magnificent Celsus library, massive theatre and also the temple of Hadrian. This city is very capable in boosting the wonders of ancient world. You will be really amazed to see the two storied structure which was build in order to house more than 12000 scrolls in the particular city. Tourists are very happy to see the culture and heritage in the city.

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