Wakeboarding in Bangkok – An Exciting And Unique Water Sport

Wakeboarding in Bangkok - An Exciting And Unique Water Sport

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and is an international hub for arts, fashion and entertainment. Being a top tourist destination Bangkok has been nominated ‘world’s best city’ by travel and leisure magazine. Its vibrant city life, night clubs and the notorious red light district and in contrast the stunning cultural and religious land marks attract tourists from all over. A top fashion spot in the world Bangkok is a shopper’s paradise with huge shopping malls, branded high fashion stores and antique shops to street boutiques and stalls to suit any budget.

For adventure lovers visiting Bangkok, a great way to test their water sports skills would be wake boarding. A relatively new sport, it involves riding over a surface of a water body or a wake on a small board which is towed by a motor boat or attached to a skiing cable.

Wakeboarding became popular in Bangkok with the creation of ‘Thai Water Park’ in 2006. Rated as a thrilling sport, wakeboarding is a combination of snowboarding, water skiing and skateboarding and the park has been carefully designed to cater to riders of all ages and skill levels. Safety equipment, water boards and kneeboards are provided at this park and a team of experts are at hand to offer lessons and advice to those who want to experience the thrills and spill of wakeboarding for the first time. Featuring a range of carefully constructed obstacles and a manmade island in the middle to reduce choppy water, wake boarding here is guaranteed to be safe and enjoyable. Wake boarding can also be enjoyed at the famous cable ski lake ‘Club Taco’.

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Closely located to the Swarnabhoomi International Airport, it’s a great way to spend the day relaxing in the sun just watching the spectacle of expert wake boarders riding the wake smoothly or actively experiencing the thrills of wakeboarding. Club Taco is situated in a picturesque setting and offers visitors a club atmosphere and all facilities inclusive of shower and changing rooms. Entry fees to these wakeboarding arenas are relatively cheap to give an opportunity for more people to enjoy this thrilling water sport at a low cost.

For the leisure or business traveller of Bangkok, an ideal place to unwind would be the Anantara Baan Rajprasog Bangkok. Located in the cities most exclusive neighbourhood the Bangkok serviced apartments of Anantara offers guests spacious elegant suites with all modern amenities. A glories swimming pool and a fully equipped fitness are also provided at these Sukhumvit Accommodation.