What To Do With Kids in Australia

Travelling around Australia is going to take up an awful lot of time, but perhaps it is one of the best ways to spend your time! Your kids will learn more about nature and history than in many other places in the world, and because of that there are many things you can do whilst you’re away, to make sure your little ones aren’t bored or unoccupied.

It obviously depends on whereabouts you’re travelling, so we’ll cover a few of the main destinations, however you can be assured that you will find countless attractions and ideas for fun no matter where you go. The endless number of beaches around the coastline mean beach time is a must do, and you will find surf schools for little ones at many of them, which is a great skill to learn.

Gold Coast – Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a large and famous sanctuary within the Gold Coast area, and is somewhere your kids will love, especially if they like being hands-on with nature. Here you can hold koalas, feed kangaroos, and hold a baby crocodile, whilst being in the midst of nature, in the rainforest.

The sanctuary is set over a large area, so wear comfortable shoes, and the train which runs around the park is a good way to get around, whilst also being fun for small children. The rainforest rope course is also a great way to burn off some steam and get a workout! There are lots of outdoor activities to enjoy, which will keep everyone busy.

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Sydney – Luna Park

A visit to the loud, brash, and bright Luna Park is a must do when you’re visiting Sydney. Located on the lower North Shore of the city, you walk through a huge smile to get into the park, and from there you are surrounded by rides, both large and small, shows, attractions, shops, and restaurants.

It’s easy to get to Luna Park from the centre of the city, with frequent buses, ferries, and trains to the heart of the fun. This is a full and very tiring day, so head there early and make the most of the entertainment on offer.

Melbourne – Puffing Billy Steam Train

Travelling through the picturesque Blue Dandenong Ranges will show you and the kids some of the most beautiful scenery in the area, with wildlife at every turn, and travelling through it on a steam train is a major bonus. Kids will love the idea of it, and the ride is great fun, with plenty to see along the way.

You arrive here by car, which takes around one hour from the centre of the city, however do get there around half an hour before the train departs, as there are often queues.

Brisbane – Sciencentre

Combining fun and education is a great way to provide a little learning for your trip to Tempat Wisata di Batu, and it’s the ideal way to do just that. The interactive displays allow your kids to engage with science, including weight, timing, and biology, to name just a few. There are often shows on offer, and lots of games and puzzles to enjoy. It’s not the best place to go especially for small kids, but 4+ will love it.

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Perth – Penguin Island

Whilst this beautiful destination might be misleading in its name, because it’s not literally focused entirely on penguins, there are a few. This natural wonder is located around 45 minutes out of Perth, with a ferry over the water to Shoalwater. This is a full day out with plenty of wildlife, however the beaches are also great for swimming and chilling out, so remember to take swim gear. On the ferry over the water you may see dolphins too.