What To Do With Kids in Rome

The famous and iconic city of Rome is packed with sights to explore from the ancient world, and whilst that is a wonderful thing to take your time to see, there’s no denying that the kids might not agree. A walking tour is a great way to see the major sights, but again, the kids are going to get tired and hot, and we know this is a recipe for tantrums.

The good news? There are many attractions and activities in Rome which you can throw into the mix between sightseeing, so nobody gets bored or tetchy, and everyone is happy.

Here’s a few suggestions.


Just outside the city, in Guidonia-Montecelio, you’ll find one of the best theme parks in the country – Aquapiper. It is full of water-based rides, which is great if you visit during the peak summer months when temperatures soar. There are restaurants, shops and many amenities, which will help your family day go without a hitch. Even better news is that admission is free for children under 10 years old.


Just 25km south of the city, close to the beach, you will find Torvaianica, and you can get a shuttle bus from Termini Station to help you reach it. Zoomarine is located here, which is an educational amusement park. Kids will love the dolphin shows, as well as checking out the many varieties of colourful fish, and the rides and fun attractions on offer too.

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Kids love pizza!

The saying ‘when in Rome …’ should definitely be used when it comes to eating pizza! This famous Italian dish is a million times better when tried in its homeland, and the kids will love finding the best pizzeria and choosing their favourite flavour, before munching it down.

Explora Children’s Museum

This relatively new attraction is fantastic for a break from sightseeing, as it is designed almost completely with kids in mind. A great place to run off steam, there are buses that kids can pretend to drive, miniature shops and buildings, and basically a world of playing fun, whilst the adults relax.

The Colosseum

Sightseeing can be fun, especially when you’re visiting such historic and exciting places as The Colosseum. Kids will easily be able to imagine the gladiators coming out to fight here, with the huge chariots and crowds echoing around the building – imaginations are easily piqued in places such as this! The tunnels underneath The Colosseum shouldn’t be ignored, however do be aware that this attraction is hugely popular, so expect crowds, and during summer you need to be prepared for the heat – remember sun safety.

Rome is packed with history, and whilst it’s important to help your kids explore this and learn about the past, it’s equally important to throw in a few modern fun activities, literally activities which are designed with nothing else in mind but fun, to help focus their minds for that little bit longer, and avoid tantrum hell!

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